Delicious and Healthy Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats

Rice crispy ignites plenty of memories in life. This not only sweetens your dreams but also makes different occasions more meaningful and enjoyable. IT also enhances your taste buds and not restricted to any age group. Today, Crispy rice has become all time favorite desserts for grown-ups today.

Crispy Rice Recipes

Stir up your passion

Crispy rice recipes are generally prepared from different ingredient like candies, rice cereals or marshmallows etc. Here, we will discuss what recipe actually requires – Slight peanut butter, few cups of crispy rice, equal amount of marshmallows as crispy rice cereals, 1/5th amount of candy corn and few drops of colors to make it attractive in looks.

Mix the rice cereals and candy corn in bowl together and kept the mixture aside. Now mix peanut along with ingredients and heat slowly to make the paste smooth and creamy. Remove the heat when paste turned to yellow color and marshmallow melted down properly. This is the time to spread mixture properly in large pan and allow them to cool properly. Now cut the paste into proper squares and serve as Halloween snacks.

Every time prepare the dish with slight variations and serve hot to satisfy clients. Make fun with flavors that results into interesting transformation from boring snacks to just brilliant. Every time when you serve something new to your friends, your cooking art is also well appreciated and everyone enjoys them. You can sprinkle some almond extracts or increase quantity of peanut butter as you like it.

Keep the paste inside microwave for about 10 minutes and stir it properly on regular time intervals. Homemade recipes are always better than readymade or ready to eat processed food items. Every time you execute the recipe then make sure that content is taken from reputed rice crispy manufacturers only.

The list of top leading rice crispy manufacturers is easily available online. You just have to select the right product that suits your requirements the most. Also check the review or feedback for manufacturers to get the accurate idea. Further, this is your insulated thinks that comes along your way.


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